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At Star Company we love using tech to make life a little easier!
We asked our team members to share some of their favourite at-work apps and platforms.



Harvest is a great time tracking and expense reporting tool. Employees and contractors log their hours and enter the reimbursable expenses details in Harvest, which produces a timesheet and expense report, (allowing attachment of receipts as well). The same timesheet and expense reports are used to pay the employees/contractors and to bill the customer.  This ensures all the hours and expenses are billed (to customers) and then paid (to employees/contractors). Harvest integrates with Xero so there is no need to prepare the invoices again. When Harvest shows “Unbilled time and expenses reports” is $0, that confirms that everything has been invoiced.


MileIQ.Tracking mileage is one of those things that everybody struggles with.  Who can remember to log every drive?  Who wants to?! MileIQ tracks all your drives without any prompting.  You install the app on your smartphone, it tracks your “trips” each time you drive (location and distance), then at week or month-end, you go through and code your drives as personal, business (you can add lots more detail about which client, what the purpose of the meeting was, etc) and then create a report that can be emailed to whomever needs it.  I love recommending this app – it’s easy to use and solves a major tracking problem!


Receiptbank is one of my favourite paperless accounting platforms. It allows anyone in the organization to upload receipts, invoices, documents or any financial document that you would like to share – whether you are an accountant, bookkeeper or business owner. Receiptbank allows you to integrate with various accounting software’s which enables you to automatically push the document to your accounting platform. This allows for a great paperless environment and saves time on data entry- in turn reducing human error. What better way to save the earth and to save your time on much more valuable accounting processes. I highly recommend the use of Receiptbank.


Slack is a communication tool that allows for real-time messaging, creation of unique channels to organize various topics and a workspace to collaborate with your team. It’s a great way to work with your team without having to share the same office space. Being new to Slack the first thing I noticed was the simplicity. The app is super easy to navigate and takes seconds to learn.  I also like that I can message individuals or message groups and topics.


Hubdoc is a document collection and management software, making it an integral part of an organization’s pursuit of a paperless and virtual accounting system.  The application extracts information from receipts that frees your bookkeeper from mounds of data entry. They have more time for analysis of your financials resulting in better quality reports and more engaging work for them. Wins all around!


Stripe is a payment platform to make and receive payments that integrates with a load of other apps. The dashboard makes it easy to see all activity on the account and leave notes for other team members. I use the payout transactions search feature in Stripe quite a bit to look up payments. It makes my bookkeeping workflow easier because I can go in and select the date range of the transaction I am looking for and it will give me the amount, fees, the date the transaction took place and the name and email of the person.


Xero is a fabulous accounting software. Some of my favourite features include the integrated bank feeds which give you the most up to date bank account information as well as allowing for much easier bank account reconciliation preparation.  There is a “recoding” option that allows you to change the account code on several transactions all at one time. And there is an option to produce an “uncoded line items” report where you can instantly prepare a fillable pdf that you can email to your client and have them complete and return, for those transactions that are not coded.  There are many other applications that can be easily integrated into the Xero program, such as Hubdoc.


TSheets is one of my favourite apps for payroll for many reasons:  it is very user friendly for employees to log their time as there are multiple ways to do this- web browser, mobile app or a designated kiosk at the workplace.  It’s a great tool for management: employee timesheets are easy to review, and approve and you can run various reports for analysis purposes. As well, it integrates with most payroll platforms, eliminating the need for manual time entry by Payroll and ensuring accurate payments to employees.


Zapier is the app that makes workflows- flow! It is an app that connects your other apps by a series of triggers (or zaps) designed by you! This app is by far my favourite because it allows us at Star Company to automate numerous processes in our pipeline, cutting down on time while increasing productivity. Once a lead has decided to engage in services with Star Company, they sign a proposal in Practice Ignition and a zap we designed then triggers a slack alert to the entire team letting us know we have a new client ready for onboarding. These Zaps have helped speed up the rate of gathering communications and has allowed the team to focus on work over the communication flow!

Have any comments or questions about any of the apps listed above? Let us know!

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