Sarah Hopen, CPB


Sarah Hopen is the founder and CEO of STAR Company. Sarah’s on-going involvement in the arts, her experience in bookkeeping & administration, along with her passion for logistics and post-it notes, create an interesting and extremely useful combination.  She is able to work with and value the chaotic creative process, while still managing and organizing the essential pieces of a business or client’s life.  She has worked as an executive assistant, office manager, expressive arts therapist, bookkeeper, chef, and personal assistant.  Sarah is a singer, visual artist and mother of three.


Shirley Marquez
Bookeeping Assistant


Shirley is an actor-turned-arts-administrator who has worked in theatre, film, museum/galleries and conservatory music schools. An all around arts lover, she hopes to one day add dance administration to her list of accomplishments and to finally enter the world of literature by finishing her long-awaited novel.  When not writing, Shirley can be found bothering her neighbours by singing and playing the piano for an hour (without fail!) E-VE-RY-DAY.