STAR Company provides high-value full cycle bookkeeping solutions to businesses, professionals and not-for-profits


At STAR Company we understand that the real value of bookkeeping is the financial information you get about your organization. Our goal is to provide timely, accurate financial data that will help our clients make better management decisions. We go beyond compliance and add value to your business by developing accounting processes and building financial resources.


Our Values

We are efficient and effective

  • We are always looking for the most valuable solutions for our clients
  • We solve problems quickly and masterfully
  • We help our clients understand the work we have completed and listen for evolving ways we can support their business

We are part of your team

  • We take the time to understand our clients and their businesses  
  • We are creative and curious about how we can make a positive impact
  • We help build value for your business

We are accurate and rigorous

  • The information we provide is accurate and precise
  • We are always improving our skills and perform our services with the highest standards
  • We provide individualized attention and solutions
  • We insist on excellence and enjoy creating it